This Compost Mix is made to achieve a beautiful balcony garden!
    Due to exelent composition properties:

    • the medium is light and fluffy,
    • bloom boost components,
    • continuous nutrient absorption,
    • soil is water retentive but not soggy.


    The fertiliser contains the nutrients and iron that significantly accelerate the growth of plants. Iron is a nutrient needed for generation of chlorophyll and assurance of other vital functions. Recommended for decorative green-leaved, terrace and outdoor plants.


        POTTING MIX „FOR FLOWERS + PERLITE“ - best Choice to grow Blooming
    Houseplants in pots and containers.
        Minerals and trace elements enhance plant growth and color intensity. „Bloom Booster“ stimulates flowering! Due to Perlite, after repotting, plants need less care: they survives with little watering for longer time and don't need fertilizer frequently.

  • FOR FLOWERS with...

    This unique composition with CONDIT® fertiliser, can be used not only for planting flowers, decorative plants and flowering shrubs, but also as garden ground impover and renewal the old one.
        Microorganisms are found in the incompletely decomposed particles of the compost, continually produce and release soluble nutrients into the environment, which feed the plant; the mix does not lose air permeability after watering, which allows to hold moisture longer.
        It’s a Choice for a thriving garden!


    This Soil is clayish fine-textured. Choose It for Roses, Palm trees and other plants which like heavy soil. Mix proportions admit air and help roots remain healthy. Moisture control prevents the roots from drying out.


    COMPOST SOIL „FOR PLANTING“ is designed for planting trees, ornamental bushes, parrenial flowers, forming green areas and garden beds.

    Use this soil mix to avoid:

        ● Dried up garden landscape
        ● Soil drifting
        ● Lack of fertility
        ● Overflow after watering

        This is the 20 years Anniversary Product of our Company. Soil „FOR PLANTING“  is fully prepared to use and doesn‘t need extra fertilizing.


    „GARDEN TREE WOUND SPRAY“ -  first aid to speed up the healing process for tree wounds after pruning, inoculation or damage by animals. Easy to use in hard to reach areas, and works well in both cold and warm weather conditions. The green colour of the ointment is consistent with existing natural colours. The area covered with the ointment will not crack or become dry.
        Use it for trees and roses to speed up the healing process.
        Application: shake the container and spray a thin layer of „Garden Tree Wound Spray“ on damaged areas of the plant.

  • GREEN PLANTS Liquid...

    Fertiliser for GREEN PLANTS has been specially formulated for the proper development and balance of all green indoor plants. The product includes iron, as these plants need a supplementary intake of this essential trace element for the stimulation of photosynthesis, preventing the yellowing of the leaves and intensify their green colour. Fertiliser containing abundant amount of macro and micro nutrients and especially vitamin B1 strengthens plant roots, thereby improving the absorption of nutrients and ensuring richer and longer flowering of plant. Recommended for all kinds of flowering plants - indoor, terraces and outdoor.

  • GUANO Liquid "FLOWER"...

    “Guano” is effective natural organic fertiliser made from manure of seabirds. They induce by increasing the metabolism of plants and ensure full assimilation of nutrients provided. Fertiliser facilitates absorbtion process by the plants and activates microbiological processes. Ensures a strong and stable growth of plants.

    Dosage and use: Dose with a cap.

    Dilution: Half cap into 2 litres of or full cap in 4 litres of water.

    Shake well before use.


    Hidrogranules / 60 g

    „Hydrogranules“ is a mix of water-absorbing polymers (1 g of the polymer absorbs 100 g of water), growth stimulators and Agroperlite.
    - The growth stimulators stimulate the growth of the roots and aid foliage development.
    - Water-absorbing polymers absorb many times their weight in water, increasing the ability of the soil to capture water and nutrients.
    - Granules containing the long-acting fertiliser (N; P2O5; K2O), provide nutritional materials to the plants for several months.


    Mulching soil is an old method to avoid the growth of weeds. These natural reddish-brown colour bark bits (without any artificial coloring) saves the soil moist and decorates flowerbeds, bushes, rock-gardens and etc. Can be used for all type of plants.
    Spread it around plantings and landscape subjects to insulate and retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, and suppress weed growth.

    Enrich well-maintained look of Your garden!


  • ORCHID Liquid "FLOWER"...

    Orchid is one of the most elegant and exclusive flowers in the world. This ORCHID fertiliser will help spotlight its stunning beauty providing the sensitive plants with the most necessary nutrients. Recommended for all kinds of orchids.

    Dosage and use: Dose with a cap.

    Dilution: Half cap into 2 litres of or full cap in 4 litres of water.

    Shake well before use.

  • PALM TREES Liquid...

    Liquid Fertiliser "For Palm Trees" is a product specially developed for the fertilization of all kinds of indoor palm trees with a NPK balance that fosters full development and vigorous growth of these plants.
    It prevents the diseases that affect the trunk and the roots.

    Dosage and use: Dose with a cap.

    Dilution: Half cap into 2 litres of or full cap in 4 litres of water.

    Shake well before use.


        This Mix made from Green compost and low bog peat with lowered pH and a small quantity of compound mineral fertilizers, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
        This spongy Mix is perfect for ornamental plants and vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.) fast seedlings development.

  • Soil Mix “FOR ORCHIDS”

    Shredded and sieved larch bark grown in the Alps is the Main Soil Mix Ingredient. Growth tests aproved Its effectiveness. A small part of the tree leaf compost provides a natural source of nutrients and the raised bog peat improves the ability to absorb moisture and quickly deliver it to the plant.
    Most common orchid species will grow well in this Soil Mix, but it is not suitable for the Cymbidium group of orchids, which like a heavier soil.

  • STRAWBERRY and onther...

    Bio stimulant for Strawberries and other red berries with vitamin complex with Mg.

    Ideal fertilizer in order to get vigorous colour and optimum maturation of strawberries and red berries like raspberry, redcurrant, blackberry etc … 

    Dose and way of use:

    To use the dispenser cap and dilute half cap into 2 L of water (or) 1 cap into 4L of water.

    To shake solution before using. 

    Season period:

    Fertilize once a week during its ideal period and the rest of time every 15 days.

  • TOMATOES Liquid...

    Bio stimulant for tomatoes.

    Low contents of chloride, with calcium.


    Fertilizer specially formulated for tomatoes. It does activates growth and tomatoes strengthen, developing vegetative activity of its cultivation. Does incorporate distillate vegetal extracts (basically from wine) which does work as bio stimulants from vegetal source being directly assimilated by the plant.      

    Dose and way of use:

    To use the dispenser cap and dilute 1 cap into 2 L of water. Use this fertilizer via radicular (through its roots)

    To shake solution before using. 

    Season period:

    Fertilizer during spring- summer once a week intensifying its fertilization during its flowering period.

    Fertilize once a month during Autumn – Winter .  


    We combine our Bestseller Soil „UNIVERSAL“ with „AgroPerlite“ and It become an ideal Potting Mix for low-maintenance houseplants!
        Perlite as non-organic additive used to absorb and retain the moist and aerate the media.
    Also Perlite improves heat temperature characteristics: when the ambient temperature decreases, the soil does not cool off so quickly = less stressed plants! This is particularly relevant if you take your plants outside in the spring, while the day and night temperature differences are still significant.



    Customers choose this Multi-purpose compost for its versatility to suit a wide range of houseplants!


    Fluffy, aerated Soil is a key to growing healthy plants. This special lightweight Compost is designed  for herbs, vegetables, balcony flowers, single period of vegetation plants, raised bed gardening, and greenhouses.