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  • COMPOST GRYNAS 16 L /...

    * GRYNAS compost made of leaves, branches and grass - 100% natural, suitable for all plant groups.

    * Use in greenhouses, insert it into soil while digging, pour into garden beds or pit while planting seedlings, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants; layer/mulch over flower beds and sown lawn.

    It will increase soil fertility, humus content, microbiological activity and improve the soil structure.

    * GRYNAS compost can be used as a growing medium or as an additive for preparing mixtures for vegetable and ornamental plants.

    * GRYNAS compost is enriched with NPK fertilizers, Humic acids (0.71%) and Fulvo acids (1.01%) accelerate plant vegetation processes and increase disease resistance.

    16 liters at the time of filling. Fraction 0–10 mm.

    The date of manufacture is indicated on the packaging.

    Usage time is not limited.


    This is an optimal mix of compose soil for plants that grow on your balcony, or for planting flowers and shrubs to form a flowerbed next to your house, a winter garden or just annual flowers, potherbs or vegetables.
        Therefore, it is an excellent choice for growing plants for a single period of vegetation, as well as plants that prefer “light” soil and do not have any special requirements to grow.


    SEED STARTING SOIL MIX is made from vegetable compost and low bog peat with lowered pH value and a small quantity of compound mineral fertilizers, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
        This spongy mixed soil that is not too rich in biogenic substances offers a certain amount of protection against diseases and promotes roots to develop actively.
        This mix is perfect for decorative plants and for vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.) as well.

  • ORCHID Liquid "FLOWER"...

    Orchid is one of the most elegant and exclusive flowers in the world. This ORCHID fertiliser will help spotlight its stunning beauty providing the sensitive plants with the most necessary nutrients. Recommended for all kinds of orchids.

  • BONSAI Liquid "FLOWER"...

    These plants require special skills and care. BONSAI fertiliser with natural amino acids allows the plant to keep its proportions, stops too rapid growth and prevents it from premature aging. Recommended for indoor and outdoor plants.


    Fertiliser contains small amounts of nitrogen and potassium rich content ensures more rapid growth of plants and prevent their textures from softening. Enriches the protective functions of plant with restorative natural amino acids.

    Recommended for all kinds of cactuses and succulents - indoor, terraces and outdoor.

  • GUANO ("Naural Gold")...

    “Guano” is effective natural organic fertiliser made from manure of seabirds. They induce by increasing the metabolism of plants and ensure full assimilation of nutrients provided. Fertiliser facilitates absorbtion process by the plants and activates microbiological processes. Ensures a strong and stable growth of plants.

  • UNIVERSAL Liquid...

    Especially suitable for various kinds of outdoor and indoor foliaceous and flowering plants. The fertilizer contains macro and trace elements – the nutrients needed to accelerate the growth of plant, to improve its rooting, blossoming and brightness of leaves.

    Dosage and use: Dose with a cap.

    Dilution: Half cap into 4 litres of water to fertilize through leaves or full cap in 4 litres of water to fertilize through roots. Shake well before use.

  • For PALM TREES Liquid...

    Liquid Fertiliser "For Palm Trees" is a product specially developed for the fertilization of all kinds of indoor palm trees with a NPK balance that fosters full development and vigorous growth of these plants.
    It prevents the diseases that affect the trunk and the roots.

  • FOR AZALEAS /...

    Fertilizer is designed to maintain an acidic environment that ensures favourable development of acidic soil-loving plants - gardenias, hydrangeas, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, heathers, etc.

    Provides the plants with necessary nutrients, stimulate their longer flowering. Recommended for plants grown indoors, terraces and outdoors.


    The fertiliser contains the nutrients and iron that significantly accelerate the growth of plants. Iron is a nutrient needed for generation of chlorophyll and assurance of other vital functions. Recommended for decorative green-leaved, terrace and outdoor plants.

  • GREEN PLANTS Liquid...

    Fertiliser for GREEN PLANTS has been specially formulated for the proper development and balance of all green indoor plants. The product includes iron, as these plants need a supplementary intake of this essential trace element for the stimulation of photosynthesis, preventing the yellowing of the leaves and intensify their green colour. Fertiliser containing abundant amount of macro and micro nutrients and especially vitamin B1 strengthens plant roots, thereby improving the absorption of nutrients and ensuring richer and longer flowering of plant. Recommended for all kinds of flowering plants - indoor, terraces and outdoor.


    Fishmeal is eco-friendly to soil and plants. It provides a high biological value.
    The plant absorbs the necessary nutrients from fishmeal gradually, using only as much as it needs. This organic fertiliser is intended for growing potatoes, tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers and squash, as well as edible roots - beets, carrots, radishes, etc.

    A minor specific smell during application is removed by inserting the fertiliser into the soil.

    The fertiliser also contains micro-and-macro elements necessary for plant nutrition.


    „GARDEN TREE WOUND SPRAY“ -  first aid to speed up the healing process for tree wounds after pruning, inoculation or damage by animals. For trees and roses. It is suitable for use in hard to reach areas, and works well in both cold and warm weather conditions. The green colour of the ointment is consistent with existing natural colours. The area covered with the ointment will not crack or become dry. to speed up the healing process.
    Application: shake the container and spray a thin layer of „Garden Tree Wound Spray“ on damaged areas of the plant.


    Mulching soil is an old method to avoid the growth of weeds. These natural reddish-brown colour bark bits (without any artificial coloring) saves the soil moist and decorates flowerbeds, bushes, rock-gardens and etc. Can be used for all type of plants.
    Spread it around plantings and landscape subjects to insulate and retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, and suppress weed growth.

    Enrich well-maintained look of Your garden!


  • AgroDrainage

    AgroDrainage is made of odourless burnt clay granules. The most important and unique aspect of this product is carbon powder covering, which disinfects plant roots damage during replanting. It is also naturally dark and visually attractive. Usable for repotting houseplants.
        Add AgroDrainage to the bottom of a pot before adding soil to improve the aeration of roots and prevent root rot. Drainage layer allows excess water to get out of the soil more quickly and away from roots before they can be damaged. Also spread AgroDrainage on the top of the pot (especially for large plants) to improve the aesthetic look and to reduce water evaporation as well.


    AGROPERLITE – thermally expanded sterile weed free volcanic rocks that can be used to improve drainage and aeration in potting mixes, fully prepared for substrates, mulching, composting.


    • Mulching

    Mix agro-perlite with top surface of the soil or pour a 1-2 cm thick layer around the plants.

    • Preparation of substrate, soil improvement

    Stir 10 to 50% of AGROPERLITE into the substrate or soil. Slightly moisten AGROPERLITE before using so that it would not get dusty.

    • Composting

    Stir 10-15% of AGROPERLITE into the composted substances. A thin layer can also be sprinkled on the top of compost heap.

    • Drainage

    Pour 3-5 cm of wet AGROPERLITE on the bottom of the container. It will allow the water get in and ensure the maximum growth of plant roots.

    • Transportation of plants.

    Mix AGROPERLITE with the peat at a ratio of 1:1 and moisten. Pack the plant in the usual way. The mixture will protect the roots from drying out.

    • Storage of bulbs, tuber crops and corms.

    Spread 2-3 cm AGROPERLITE onto the bottom of container, put flower bulbs, tuber crops and corms. Also, pour AGROPERLITE on the top. It will protect against pests, moisture and cold. If necessary, sometimes lightly spray the bulbs, tuber crops and corms with water.


    „Floralife” vitamins allows the flowers to stay alive several times longer.

  • Hidrogranules

    „Hydrogranules“ is a mix of water-absorbing polymers (1 g of the polymer absorbs 100 g of water), growth stimulators and Agroperlite.
    - The growth stimulators stimulate the growth of the roots and aid foliage development.
    - Water-absorbing polymers absorb many times their weight in water, increasing the ability of the soil to capture water and nutrients.
    - Granules containing the long-acting fertiliser (N; P2O5; K2O), provide nutritional materials to the plants for several months.

  • CONDIT® DECOR Organic...

    1 kg (+200g)

    Organic fertilizer of the new generation, the highest quality with beneficial microorganisms.
    CONDIT® Decor does not evolve unpleasant odour, so it can be used indoors.
    CONDIT® Decor fertilizers stimulate the growth of plants, enhance the resistance to diseases. Leaves and flowers developed by the plants are larger and of richer colour.
    CONDIT® Decor restores long-term soil fertility, creating a microbiological activity of the substrate, which improves the reclamation of nutrients present in fertilizers, as well as moisture balance.

    Designed for the fertilization of decorative plants:
    1. Conifers, roses, flowering and leafy shrubs, annual and perennial field flowers, as well as the plants grown in balconies and terraces.Fertilize in the spring, summer and autumn.
    2. Flowering and leafy houseplants grown indoors and winter gardens. Can be fertilized throughout the year.