GREEN PLANTS Liquid "FLOWER" fertiliser

Fertiliser for GREEN PLANTS has been specially formulated for the proper development and balance of all green indoor plants. The product includes iron, as these plants need a supplementary intake of this essential trace element for the stimulation of photosynthesis, preventing the yellowing of the leaves and intensify their green colour. Fertiliser containing abundant amount of macro and micro nutrients and especially vitamin B1 strengthens plant roots, thereby improving the absorption of nutrients and ensuring richer and longer flowering of plant. Recommended for all kinds of flowering plants - indoor, terraces and outdoor.

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EC Fertilizers
NPK fertilizer solution 4-6-7 with trace elements.
Nitrogen (N) Total, 4%:
Nitric nitrogen, 1.6%;
Ammonia nitrogen, 1%;
Amide nitrogen, 1.4%.
Pentoxido of phosphorus P2O5 water soluble, 6%.
Oxide of Potassium K2O water soluble, 7%.
Trace elements:
Iron (Fe), 0.06%;
Manganese (Mn) 0.03%;
Zinc (Zn), 0.02%;
Copper (Cu), 0.009%, water-soluble elements chelated with EDTA.
Water-soluble boron (B), 0.01%.
Contains vitamin B1 and natural amino acids.

Data sheet

Product Code
Package Capacity (L)
500 ml
Units per Palett (pcs.)