Founded in 1995, „Juknevičiaus Kompostas“  is a family run Company with a vast experience of Compost Soil production.

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Soil is important to growing strong, healthy and beautiful plants! Our Compost is produced exclusively from Green Waste (leaves, grass, hay, twigs)!
     The first Special Soil Mixes was composed for Indoor plants.



We have successfully taken our business from manual to automated processes which allowed the Company to grow its product range, enhance quality and improve service.

We seek to meet customer needs as well as growing trends and therefore expanding and developing the product range is a key area where we keep focused each year. Now we produce different types of High quality Soil for Indoor/Outdoor Gardening (Special Soil for Indoor houseplants, Containers, Garden beds, Flower gardens, Vegetable gardens or Greenhouses, Lawns, Golf courses, etc.)