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    „GARDEN TREE WOUND SPRAY“ -  first aid to speed up the healing process for tree wounds after pruning, inoculation or damage by animals. Easy to use in hard to reach areas, and works well in both cold and warm weather conditions. The green colour of the ointment is consistent with existing natural colours. The area covered with the ointment will not crack or become dry.
        Use it for trees and roses to speed up the healing process.
        Application: shake the container and spray a thin layer of „Garden Tree Wound Spray“ on damaged areas of the plant.


    It is an effective and easy-to-use product to protect fruit trees against bark cracks caused by temperature fluctuations. 


    We recommend spraying the trunks up to the first branches of the trees in late autumn or early spring, at a positive air temperature on a windless day.

    USE: Remove debris, plaque and moss from trunks of fruit trees without damaging the bark. Shake the container well and spray a thin layer of the TREE PRESERVE SPRAY on the trunk.

  • AgroDrainage / 2 L

    AgroDrainage is made of odourless burnt clay granules. The most important and unique aspect of this product is carbon powder covering, which disinfects plant roots damage during replanting. It is also naturally dark and visually attractive. Usable for repotting houseplants.
        Add AgroDrainage to the bottom of a pot before adding soil to improve the aeration of roots and prevent root rot. Drainage layer allows excess water to get out of the soil more quickly and away from roots before they can be damaged. Also spread AgroDrainage on the top of the pot (especially for large plants) to improve the aesthetic look and to reduce water evaporation as well.


    Mulching soil is an old method to avoid the growth of weeds. These natural reddish-brown colour bark bits (without any artificial coloring) saves the soil moist and decorates flowerbeds, bushes, rock-gardens and etc. Can be used for all type of plants.
    Spread it around plantings and landscape subjects to insulate and retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, and suppress weed growth.

    Enrich well-maintained look of Your garden!


  • AgroPERLITE / 5 L

    AGROPERLITE – thermally expanded sterile weed free volcanic rocks that can be used to improve drainage and aeration in potting mixes, fully prepared for substrates, mulching, composting.


    - Mulching

    Mix agro-perlite with top surface of the soil or pour a 1-2 cm thick layer around the plants.

    - Preparation of substrate, soil improvement

    Stir 10 to 50% of AGROPERLITE into the substrate or soil. Slightly moisten AGROPERLITE before using so that it would not get dusty.

    - Composting

    Stir 10-15% of AGROPERLITE into the composted substances. A thin layer can also be sprinkled on the top of compost heap.

    - Drainage

    Pour 3-5 cm of wet AGROPERLITE on the bottom of the container. It will allow the water get in and ensure the maximum growth of plant roots.

    - Transportation of plants.

    Mix AGROPERLITE with the peat at a ratio of 1:1 and moisten. Pack the plant in the usual way. The mixture will protect the roots from drying out.

    - Storage of bulbs, tuber crops and corms.

    Spread 2-3 cm AGROPERLITE onto the bottom of container, put flower bulbs, tuber crops and corms. Also, pour AGROPERLITE on the top. It will protect against pests, moisture and cold. If necessary, sometimes lightly spray the bulbs, tuber crops and corms with water.

  • Hidrogranules / 60 g

    „Hydrogranules“ is a mix of water-absorbing polymers (1 g of the polymer absorbs 100 g of water), growth stimulators and Agroperlite.
    - The growth stimulators stimulate the growth of the roots and aid foliage development.
    - Water-absorbing polymers absorb many times their weight in water, increasing the ability of the soil to capture water and nutrients.
    - Granules containing the long-acting fertiliser (N; P2O5; K2O), provide nutritional materials to the plants for several months.