Potting Mix For Flowers + Perlite / 16 L

Potting Mix For Flowers + Perlite - best Choice to grow Blooming Houseplants in pots and containers.
Minerals and trace elements enhance plant growth and color intensity. „Bloom Booster“ stimulates flowering! Due to Perlite, after repotting, plants need less care: they survives with little watering for longer time and don't need fertilizer frequently.


Quality Guarantee

Peat Moss - 50%,

Green compost - 40%,
Agroperlite - 10%,


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    Organic fertilizer of the new generation, the highest quality with beneficial microorganisms.
    CONDIT® Decor does not evolve unpleasant odour, so it can be used indoors.
    CONDIT® Decor fertilizers stimulate the growth of plants, enhance the resistance to diseases. Leaves and flowers developed by the plants are larger and of richer colour.
    CONDIT® Decor restores long-term soil fertility, creating a microbiological activity of the substrate, which improves the reclamation of nutrients present in fertilizers, as well as moisture balance.

    Designed for the fertilization of decorative plants:
    1. Conifers, roses, flowering and leafy shrubs, annual and perennial field flowers, as well as the plants grown in balconies and terraces.Fertilize in the spring, summer and autumn.
    2. Flowering and leafy houseplants grown indoors and winter gardens. Can be fertilized throughout the year.

  • AgroDrainage / 2 L

    AgroDrainage is made of odourless burnt clay granules. The most important and unique aspect of this product is carbon powder covering, which disinfects plant roots damage during replanting. It is also naturally dark and visually attractive. Usable for repotting houseplants.
        Add AgroDrainage to the bottom of a pot before adding soil to improve the aeration of roots and prevent root rot. Drainage layer allows excess water to get out of the soil more quickly and away from roots before they can be damaged. Also spread AgroDrainage on the top of the pot (especially for large plants) to improve the aesthetic look and to reduce water evaporation as well.

  • Bloom Booster FLOWER...

    Bloom Booster fertilizer has a special contribution of Vitamin B1, essential to intensify the natural colors of the flowers, increasing their splendor and vivacity. Its NPK stands out for its higher value of Potassium, which helps flowering and flower coloration. Its formulation enhances flowering!

    To fertilize all kinds of flowering plants: begonia, dahlia, carnation, primrose, petunia, viola, cyclamen,...

    It can be used as foliar and root fertilizer.

    Recommended for decorative blooming plants, terrace and outdoor plants.

    Dosage and use: Dose with a cap.

    Dilution: Half cap into 2 litres of or full cap in 4 litres of water.

    Shake well before use.


    EC Fertilizers.


    Contains vitamin B1 and natural amino acids.

    NPK fertilizer solution 4-6-7 with trace elements.
    Nitrogen (N) Total, 4%:
    Nitric nitrogen, 1.6%;
    Ammonia nitrogen, 1%;
    Amide nitrogen, 1.4%.
    Pentoxido of phosphorus P2O5 water soluble, 6%.
    Oxide of Potassium K2O water soluble, 7%.
    Trace elements:
    Iron (Fe), 0.06%;
    Manganese (Mn) 0.03%;
    Zinc (Zn), 0.02%;
    Copper (Cu), 0.009%, water-soluble elements chelated with EDTA.
    Water-soluble boron (B), 0.01%.