Soil Mix For FlOWERS + Condit® Fertiliser / 20 L

This unique composition with CONDIT® fertiliser, can be used not only for planting flowers, decorative plants and flowering shrubs, but also as garden ground impover and renewal the old one.
    Microorganisms are found in the incompletely decomposed particles of the compost, continually produce and release soluble nutrients into the environment, which feed the plant; the mix does not lose air permeability after watering, which allows to hold moisture longer.
    It’s a Choice for a thriving garden!


Quality Guarantee


Raised bog peat - 55%,
Green compost - 45%,

CONDIT®  with zeolite

pH  –  6,5-7,5

microbiological effect.pngnutrition.png

Data sheet

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Units per Palett (pcs.)
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  • Bloom Booster FLOWER...

    The fertilizer contains the nutrients and iron that significantly accelerate the growth of plants. Iron is a nutrient needed for generation of chlorophyll and assurance of other vital functions.

    Recommended for decorative blooming plants, terrace and outdoor plants.

    Dosage and use: Dose with a cap.

    Dilution: Half cap into 2 litres of or full cap in 4 litres of water.

    Shake well before use.


    EC Fertilizers.


    NPK fertilizer solution 6-5-4 with trace elements.

    Nitrogen (N) Total, 6%:

    Nitric nitrogen, 1.5%;

    Ammonia nitrogen, 1.3%;

    Amide nitrogen, 3.2%.

    Pentoxido of phosphorus (P2O5) water soluble, 5%.

    Oxide of Potassium (K2O) water soluble, 4%.

    Water-soluble iron (Fe) 0.1% chelated with EDTA.