Fertiliser for Cactuses & Succulents FLOWER / 300 ML

Liquid fertiliser

Fertiliser containing small amounts of nitrogen and potassium rich content ensures more rapid growth of plants and prevent their textures from softening. Enriches the protective functions of plant with restorative natural amino acids.

Recommended for all kinds of cacti and succulents - indoor, terraces and outdoor.

Dosage and use: Dose with a cap.

Dilution: Half cap into 2 litres of or full cap in 4 litres of water.

Shake well before use.


EC Fertilizers.


Enriched with natural amino acids.

NPK fertilizer solution 4-6-9 with trace elements.

Nitrogen (N) Total, 4%;

Nitric nitrogen, 1.7%;

Ammonia nitrogen, 0.5%;

Amide nitrogen, 1.8%.

Pentoxido of phosphorus (P2O5) water soluble, 6%.

Oxide of Potassium (K2O) water soluble, 9%.

Trace elements:

Iron (Fe), 0.06%;

Manganese (Mn) 0.03%;

Zinc (Zn), 0.02%;

Copper (Cu), 0.009%;

Water-soluble elements chelated with EDTA.

Water soluble boron (B), 0.01%.


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300 ml
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