Fertiliser For Tomatoes FLOWER / 500 ML

Bio stimulant for tomatoes.

Low contents of chloride, with calcium.

Fertilizer specially formulated for tomatoes. It does activates growth and tomatoes strengthen, developing vegetative activity of its cultivation. Does incorporate distillate vegetal extracts (basically from wine) which does work as bio stimulants from vegetal source being directly assimilated by the plant.

Dose and way of use:

To use the dispenser cap and dilute 1 cap into 2 L of water. Use this fertilizer via radicular (through its roots)

To shake solution before using. 

Season period:

Fertilizer during spring - summer once a week intensifying its fertilization during its flowering period.

Fertilize once a month during Autumn – Winter .



Contains distilled vegetal extracts (organic carbohydrate, essential oils which improves plants growth.


NPK 3-7-8 with high contents of organic matter

3% Nitrogen (N) Total; 1,0% organic, 2,0% ureic

7% Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble

8% Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble

Carbon (C) organic: 15%

To keep in a clean place, fresh (T>5 ºC) and dry.

To avoid any direct sun exposition.

To keep away from food and drinks.

Keep away from children.

To avoid direct contact to eyes.


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Product Code
Package Capacity (L)
500 ml
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