Soil Mix For Flowering Balcony Garden / 20 L

This is an optimal blend of composted soil for balcony plants, as well as for flowers and bushes forming a flowerbed or a winter garden, or even for simply planting annual flowers, herbs or vegetables.
While rotting, the compost particles continuously release nutrients that are easily absorbed by the plants; thanks to these nutrients, the plants develop evenly and bloom abundantly.
The peat contained in the mix makes it light and fluffy.


Quality Guarantee


Raised bog peat - 40%,

Vegetable compost - 30%,

Mired bog peat - 30%,


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Data sheet

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    - The growth stimulators stimulate the growth of the roots and aid foliage development.
    - Water-absorbing polymers absorb many times their weight in water, increasing the ability of the soil to capture water and nutrients.
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        Add AgroDrainage to the bottom of a pot before adding soil to improve the aeration of roots and prevent root rot. Drainage layer allows excess water to get out of the soil more quickly and away from roots before they can be damaged. Also spread AgroDrainage on the top of the pot (especially for large plants) to improve the aesthetic look and to reduce water evaporation as well.