• TOMATOES Liquid...

    Bio stimulant for tomatoes.

    Low contents of chloride, with calcium.


    Fertilizer specially formulated for tomatoes. It does activates growth and tomatoes strengthen, developing vegetative activity of its cultivation. Does incorporate distillate vegetal extracts (basically from wine) which does work as bio stimulants from vegetal source being directly assimilated by the plant.      

    Dose and way of use:

    To use the dispenser cap and dilute 1 cap into 2 L of water. Use this fertilizer via radicular (through its roots)

    To shake solution before using. 

    Season period:

    Fertilizer during spring- summer once a week intensifying its fertilization during its flowering period.

    Fertilize once a month during Autumn – Winter .  

  • STRAWBERRY and onther...

    Bio stimulant for Strawberries and other red berries with vitamin complex with Mg.

    Ideal fertilizer in order to get vigorous colour and optimum maturation of strawberries and red berries like raspberry, redcurrant, blackberry etc … 

    Dose and way of use:

    To use the dispenser cap and dilute half cap into 2 L of water (or) 1 cap into 4L of water.

    To shake solution before using. 

    Season period:

    Fertilize once a week during its ideal period and the rest of time every 15 days.

  • ORCHID Liquid "FLOWER"...

    Orchid is one of the most elegant and exclusive flowers in the world. This ORCHID fertiliser will help spotlight its stunning beauty providing the sensitive plants with the most necessary nutrients. Recommended for all kinds of orchids.

  • BONSAI Liquid "FLOWER"...

    These plants require special skills and care. BONSAI fertiliser with natural amino acids allows the plant to keep its proportions, stops too rapid growth and prevents it from premature aging. Recommended for indoor and outdoor plants.


    Fertiliser contains small amounts of nitrogen and potassium rich content ensures more rapid growth of plants and prevent their textures from softening. Enriches the protective functions of plant with restorative natural amino acids.

    Recommended for all kinds of cactuses and succulents - indoor, terraces and outdoor.

  • GUANO ("Natural Gold")...

    “Guano” is effective natural organic fertiliser made from manure of seabirds. They induce by increasing the metabolism of plants and ensure full assimilation of nutrients provided. Fertiliser facilitates absorbtion process by the plants and activates microbiological processes. Ensures a strong and stable growth of plants.

  • UNIVERSAL Liquid...

    Especially suitable for various kinds of outdoor and indoor foliaceous and flowering plants. The fertilizer contains macro and trace elements – the nutrients needed to accelerate the growth of plant, to improve its rooting, blossoming and brightness of leaves.

    Dosage and use: Dose with a cap.

    Dilution: Half cap into 4 litres of water to fertilize through leaves or full cap in 4 litres of water to fertilize through roots. Shake well before use.

  • For PALM TREES Liquid...

    Liquid Fertiliser "For Palm Trees" is a product specially developed for the fertilization of all kinds of indoor palm trees with a NPK balance that fosters full development and vigorous growth of these plants.
    It prevents the diseases that affect the trunk and the roots.

  • FOR AZALEAS /...

    Fertilizer is designed to maintain an acidic environment that ensures favourable development of acidic soil-loving plants - gardenias, hydrangeas, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, heathers, etc.

    Provides the plants with necessary nutrients, stimulate their longer flowering. Recommended for plants grown indoors, terraces and outdoors.


    The fertiliser contains the nutrients and iron that significantly accelerate the growth of plants. Iron is a nutrient needed for generation of chlorophyll and assurance of other vital functions. Recommended for decorative green-leaved, terrace and outdoor plants.

  • GREEN PLANTS Liquid...

    Fertiliser for GREEN PLANTS has been specially formulated for the proper development and balance of all green indoor plants. The product includes iron, as these plants need a supplementary intake of this essential trace element for the stimulation of photosynthesis, preventing the yellowing of the leaves and intensify their green colour. Fertiliser containing abundant amount of macro and micro nutrients and especially vitamin B1 strengthens plant roots, thereby improving the absorption of nutrients and ensuring richer and longer flowering of plant. Recommended for all kinds of flowering plants - indoor, terraces and outdoor.


    Fishmeal is eco-friendly to soil and plants. It provides a high biological value.
    The plant absorbs the necessary nutrients from fishmeal gradually, using only as much as it needs. This organic fertiliser is intended for growing potatoes, tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers and squash, as well as edible roots - beets, carrots, radishes, etc.

    A minor specific smell during application is removed by inserting the fertiliser into the soil.

    The fertiliser also contains micro-and-macro elements necessary for plant nutrition.

  • CONDIT BASIC 25 kg for...

    For small and medium-sized farms, we offer CONDIT® fertilisers for professional use, packed in 25 kg.

    For more information: Click here

  • CONDIT® DECOR Organic...

    1 kg (+200g)

    Organic fertilizer of the new generation, the highest quality with beneficial microorganisms.
    CONDIT® Decor does not evolve unpleasant odour, so it can be used indoors.
    CONDIT® Decor fertilizers stimulate the growth of plants, enhance the resistance to diseases. Leaves and flowers developed by the plants are larger and of richer colour.
    CONDIT® Decor restores long-term soil fertility, creating a microbiological activity of the substrate, which improves the reclamation of nutrients present in fertilizers, as well as moisture balance.

    Designed for the fertilization of decorative plants:
    1. Conifers, roses, flowering and leafy shrubs, annual and perennial field flowers, as well as the plants grown in balconies and terraces.Fertilize in the spring, summer and autumn.
    2. Flowering and leafy houseplants grown indoors and winter gardens. Can be fertilized throughout the year.


    CONDIT® Universal restores the natural fertility of the soil.

    CONDIT® Universal is produced using milk whey, organic substances, organic carbon and zeolite.

    (50% of the zeolite volume consists of cavities, voids and channels, allowing for free access of water and other polar molecules, which is very important for the optimal metabolic processes of plant nutrients. Furthermore, zeolite is a great medium for the breeding of microorganisms, which help plants to absorb nutrients).

    Due to its composition and characteristics, CONDIT® Universal fertiliser is suitable for organic food and bio-production, and complies with strict ecological requirements. CONDIT® Universal is composed of many protein-containing components that soil microorganisms decompose into easily absorbed nutrients. These substances are released into the soil slowly, and so prevent growth stress. CONDIT® Universal microorganisms activate the soil and return it to its natural fertility.

    CONDIT® Universal persists in the soil for 12 months; it is environmentally friendly and suitable for organic farming.

  • CONDIT® BASIC 10 kg, 5...

    CONDIT® Basic restores the microbiological activity and natural fertility of the soil.

    Application: apply to the soil before sowing or planting, as well as for additional fertilisation.

    CONDIT® Basic is a microbiological organic soil activator with fertilisers, produced from natural substances using biotechnological processes. The composition and characteristics of CONDIT® Basic meet the criteria and characteristics of organic farming. CONDIT® Basic is uniquely balanced, and is composed of many protein-containing components that the soil microorganisms decompose to allow the plant to easily absorbed nutrients. These substances are released into the soil slowly, and so prevent growth stress. Therefore, this soil activator is the optimal source of plant nutrition.

    CONDIT® Basic persists in the soil for 12 months; it is environmentally friendly and suitable for organic farming.


    For small and medium-sized farms, we offer CONDIT® fertilisers for professional use, packed in 25 kg.

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