Compost Soil Mixes

  • COMPOST GRYNAS 16 L /...

    * GRYNAS compost made of leaves, branches and grass - 100% natural, suitable for all plant groups.

    * Use in greenhouses, insert it into soil while digging, pour into garden beds or pit while planting seedlings, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants; layer/mulch over flower beds and sown lawn.

    It will increase soil fertility, humus content, microbiological activity and improve the soil structure.

    * GRYNAS compost can be used as a growing medium or as an additive for preparing mixtures for vegetable and ornamental plants.

    * GRYNAS compost is enriched with NPK fertilizers, Humic acids (0.71%) and Fulvo acids (1.01%) accelerate plant vegetation processes and increase disease resistance.

    16 liters at the time of filling. Fraction 0–10 mm.

    The date of manufacture is indicated on the packaging.

    Usage time is not limited.

  • Soil Mix “FOR ORCHIDS”

    Shredded and sieved larch bark grown in the Alps is the Main Soil Mix Ingredient. Growth tests aproved Its effectiveness. A small part of the tree leaf compost provides a natural source of nutrients and the raised bog peat improves the ability to absorb moisture and quickly deliver it to the plant.
    Most common orchid species will grow well in this Soil Mix, but it is not suitable for the Cymbidium group of orchids, which like a heavier soil.


    Fluffy, aerated Soil is a key to growing healthy plants. This special lightweight Compost is designed  for herbs, vegetables, balcony flowers, single period of vegetation plants, raised bed gardening, and greenhouses.


        This Mix made from Green compost and low bog peat with lowered pH and a small quantity of compound mineral fertilizers, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
        This spongy Mix is perfect for ornamental plants and vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.) fast seedlings development.


    “GRANDFATHER’S COMPOST” SOIL MIX made for vegetable gardens, perennial, biennial  and annual plants in closed or open grounds. Perfect for incorporating into your existing soil or top-dressing your veggies, flowers, shrubs and trees. Good composition of Compost and the humidity mode ensure oxygen supply for the plant roots. Plants planted in „GRANDFATHER’S COMPOST“ produces proportional fruit growth, healthy root system and lush leaves.

  • FOR CACTUSES and Other...

    Most succulents can survive in extremely harsh conditions.
    This Soil has components that help balance water retention and water drainage. Due to the long-term fertility properties, cacti and succulents planted in this Soil begin to grow rapidly.


    This Mix consists Green compost and upland bog peat with a lower pH value than neutral.
    Best for plants that grow in low light, high humidity and shady areas.


    This Soil is clayish fine-textured. Choose It for Roses, Palm trees and other plants which like heavy soil. Mix proportions admit air and help roots remain healthy. Moisture control prevents the roots from drying out.



    Customers choose this Multi-purpose compost for its versatility to suit a wide range of houseplants!


    ECOGARDEN Compost is a great way of giving your various fruits and vegetables the best start and maximum growth!

    Use ECOGARDEN compost like layout of the new garden beds, or for restoring the fertility of existing ones! Due to its physical and chemical properties ECOGARDEN Compost activates and improves the development of soil microflora, positively affects seed germination, strengthens root system growth, ensures a good texture of the soil and the optimum composition of water and air.
        ECOGARDEN Compost provides support with the right amount of organic materials, and is an essential nutrient and energy source for the soil. Plants easily absorbs the nutrients. Condit® organic microbiological fertilizer ensures long-term soil microbiological activity.
    ECOGARDEN Compost has a dark colour. In the spring, darker layers warms up more quickly, providing the first sources of nitrogen for the plants.   
      For 1 m2, 10 to 12 litres of ECOGARDEN Compost should be used.

  • FOR FLOWERS with...

    This unique composition with CONDIT® fertiliser, can be used not only for planting flowers, decorative plants and flowering shrubs, but also as garden ground impover and renewal the old one.
        Microorganisms are found in the incompletely decomposed particles of the compost, continually produce and release soluble nutrients into the environment, which feed the plant; the mix does not lose air permeability after watering, which allows to hold moisture longer.
        It’s a Choice for a thriving garden!


    Acidic, organic, moist, fertile and well-drained conditions is important to grow Azaleas and Rhododendrons successfully.  Blueberries and hydrangeas and other Ericaceous plants, need acidic medium too!
        This low pH Mix is Best for them!


        This Compost Mix is made to achieve a beautiful balcony garden!
    Due to exelent composition properties:

    • the medium is light and fluffy,
    • bloom boost components,
    • continuous nutrient absorption,
    • soil is water retentive but not soggy.


    We combine our Bestseller Soil „UNIVERSAL“ with „AgroPerlite“ and It become an ideal Potting Mix for low-maintenance houseplants!
        Perlite as non-organic additive used to absorb and retain the moist and aerate the media.
    Also Perlite improves heat temperature characteristics: when the ambient temperature decreases, the soil does not cool off so quickly = less stressed plants! This is particularly relevant if you take your plants outside in the spring, while the day and night temperature differences are still significant.


        POTTING MIX „FOR FLOWERS + PERLITE“ - best Choice to grow Blooming
    Houseplants in pots and containers.
        Minerals and trace elements enhance plant growth and color intensity. „Bloom Booster“ stimulates flowering! Due to Perlite, after repotting, plants need less care: they survives with little watering for longer time and don't need fertilizer frequently.


    COMPOST & PEAT MIX “FOR CEMETERY PLANTINGS” is produced from highest quality compost (made exclusively from green waste) and black peat.
        This Mix is intended for graveyard care and maintenance. Use It to enhance ground conditions, for planting annuals and perennials ornamental bushes, flowers and conifers.


    COMPOST SOIL „FOR PLANTING“ is designed for planting trees, ornamental bushes, parrenial flowers, forming green areas and garden beds.

    Use this soil mix to avoid:

        ● Dried up garden landscape
        ● Soil drifting
        ● Lack of fertility
        ● Overflow after watering

        This is the 20 years Anniversary Product of our Company. Soil „FOR PLANTING“  is fully prepared to use and doesn‘t need extra fertilizing.